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I've been singing and making up my own songs since I was old enough to speak. At around age 10, I started playing with a small electric keyboard, and then graduated to a larger Yamaha keyboard on which I recorded entire 16-track songs. After studying electronic music production in college and grad school, and quite a lot of playing around on Logic Pro, I started releasing my own music. My imagination has always been a vivid and dramatic creature, so When I hear a song I like, my mind concocts its own elaborate music video, complete with a cast of original characters. So, it is only natural for me to create songs to accompany my visual art, my characters and worlds, my personal struggles and fascinations. The resulting sound is dark and theatrical, by turns industrial and ethereal, goth-electro-trance-cabaret. I am a trained operatic soprano who fell off the tracks, and people confuse me with Blind Mag from Repo sometimes. Recently, I've been DJ-ing while simultaneously singing - a strange spectacle you can witness personally if you follow me on Twitch.

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This is my latest single and music video. I must say, I am very proud of it, considering that it is entirely my creation, from conception to final edit. It's a little no-budget horror film set to goth-electro-cabaret music, starring myself and my lovely performer friend, Nola Bunny.

Come join me on my Twitch livestream! I have such a glorious time spinning Dark Psy-Trance and Industrial music, while simultaneously singing my heart out. I always incorporate my original music into the set, while artistic video footage of my own creation plays behind me.

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