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It is such a satisfying challenge to become someone else - to immerse myself in a character, and channel them to my fullest ability. From elementary School through college, I've been in the drama program, eventually studying both acting for stage and screen. Since graduation, I've been a part of many fantastic projects, and seek to expand my repertoire. I've been a banshee, a witch-finder, a whacky filmmaker, and a Frankenstein's monster. I can't wait to find out who I'll be next!

My Reel

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Cosmic Disco Detective Rene

"Cosmic Disco Detective Rene" is the sequel to "The Secret Society for Slow Romance," and has attracted over 350,000 views on Youtube! At the moment, you will have to come to the live theatrical release in Brooklyn to see the movie. It will return to Youtube later. More information on the theatrical release here!

The Secret Society for Slow Romance

Who would have guessed that my first starring role in a feature film would be in a romantic comedy?! I am full of surprises that way. This optimistic, absurdist comedy is sure to make you smile. I play Allyson, a quirky, workaholic underground filmmaker, and work opposite writer/director/actor Sujewa Ekanayake.You can WATCH THE FULL MOVIE HERE!

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Werewolf Ninja Philosopher

This is the project that introduced me to filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake, who I've been working with ever since. The movie follows a crime-solving Brooklynite werewolf (Art Shrian Tiwari) as he hunts a serial killer who targets underground filmmakers. I play the werewolf's most significant ex-girlfriend, who pops in to shake things up. This film is whacky, weird fun. You can watch it here!

Were-Creature Videos

I helped develop this shadowy character for Alexis Ramirez's Were-creature videos. This is part of a series featuring women undergoing transformations into clawed, fanged, fierce were-beasts. Check out the videos HERE, or subscribe to the WEBSITE.

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