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Greetings to you! My name is Alia Lorae. I am an artist of many facets - a producer and performer of dark music, as well as a songwriter and classically trained singer. In addition, I am an illustrator of dark fantasy art, whimsical weirdlings, and other visual morbidities. I act in films, create my own music videos, DJ (usually while improvising operatic vocals), write stories about my dark fantasy steampunk vampire universe, and dream.

Welcome to my world



This is my first starring role in a feature film! Check out this delightful, romantic, absurdist comedy from filmmaker/actor Sujewa Ekanayake.

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I am a singing DJ! Tune in to my twitch channel to see me sing opera as I spin dark dance music.


In Sujewa Ekanayake's latest movie, I return to the screen as Allyson, a thoughtful and hard-working underground filmmaker. The first film hints at time-travelers, and this sequel brings them to the forefront.

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